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Are you ready for
Commitment Weekend 2018?

Join us July 27 - 29, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio
An adventurous and romantic weekend designed for firefighters and their spouse.

We invite you to Make a Marriage Milestone. 


This event is designed to be a “romantic adventure”.  Not a boring conference or marriage retreat but a chance to meet and engage with other firefighters from around the country who love firefighting and their spouse.

This will be the 7th Commitment Weekend event for 24-7 COMMITMENT, and we are bringing it to our home town of Columbus, Ohio for the first time. 

(No, it's not a farm town.  We care about more than just the Buckeyes.  And yes, you'll be amazed when you see what we have to offer!)

Meet other firefighters and their spouses from around the country and build a network of lifelong friends who share your love of the fire service and the desire to honor and ignite their marriages in all the good ways.

We need a minimum of 40 COUPLES to make this event a go.

And we can take a maximum of 90 couples!

For 6 years now, Dan and I have talked about our Central Ohio Fire Community at Commitment Weekends and online in our Honor Guard and Fire Wife Sisterhood.   We couldn't be prouder to introduce everyone to our hometown.   We can't wait to share with you some of the very people who are a part of our fire family story.

Block your vacation time now because you won't want to miss this weekend.

Dan & Lori

PS - Read on and get registered!

Join us in Columbus, Ohio!

Home of the Buckeyes, of course, but also some of the most advanced firefighter training grounds in the country.

You'll enjoy your time in our fast growing town with new hotels, shopping centers and entertainment in every direction.

The most advanced HOT for Marriage Training Grounds yet.....

(No fear! There will be something for everyone to try!)

With much appreciation for this local support, we are happy to share that the Saturday Sessions and the HOT for Marriage activities will be held at the Ohio Fire Academy.
Stay in our favorite Columbus entertainment, dining and shopping districts such as  Easton Town Center.

Once we have confirmed registration for 40 couples, we will secure room blocks at a variety of centrally located hotels in the Easton or Downtown area.
What makes Commitment Weekend unique?

There is no other event like this for firefighters and their spouse.  

We talk a little firefighting and a little marriage but mostly we design the event for building a community and support network.

You will find other firefighter couples who will become friends for life.  

There may be no other safe relationship to vent about marriage topics and find healthy resolution from those in your life who are cheering for your marriage to be amazing.    

CW18 has reached max capacity!
180 people are going to make a marriage milestone.   Just in case we have a few extra openings, or have an ability to change venues to increase our numbers, please sign up for a waitlist to be notified.
What does Registration cover?

Your registration covers Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday  Commitment Ball / Dinner, Sunday lunch, and all scheduled event activities for you and your spouse. 

What is the agenda?

Friday Evening
Casual Date Night Meeting Your Crew for the Weekend. 
 Everyone is a little bit nervous stepping into a room full of other firefighters and their spouses from around the country.  But guess what?  You're going to finally find other couples you can connect with and this night is all about getting to know each other.   Led by everyone's favorite EmCee, Andrew Stevens, we'll laugh and relax into fun couples activities including our famous "Rescue Pack" Exchange.
Saturday Morning
HOT for Marriage Classroom Session.
Hear from Dan and Lori Mercer, founders of 24-7 COMMITMENT and author of Honor & Commitment as well as other marriage mentors in the fire service and  in the 24-7C team talk about real fire life topics and how to navigate this life without sacrificing your marriage - from scheduling and communication to pornography and PTSD, we'll spend the morning listening and then discussing with our crews and marriage mentors. 
Saturday Afternoon
HOT for Marriage practice and warm ups for select events.
Get ready for Sunday's Hot for Marriage hands on training! Get a sneak peak at the event activities and get some practice in. 
Saturday Evening
Commitment Ball
Get fancied up for a hot date night at the Commitment Ball.   Class A's optional.  Dress as fancy as you'd like.   Couples who chose can participate in a Re-Commitment Ceremony and enjoy memorable photos of this marriage milestone.   Then dance and laugh and kiss under the stars and maybe even next to a roaring fire as we cap off this romantic evening. 
HOT for Marriage Activity

Hands On Training!   Firefighters assist their wives in wearing PPE (fire gear) and trying some hands on activities such as drywall breaching, confined space drills, forcible entry simulators and yes, dragging that hose line and aiming for the red stuff.    The  whole thing wraps up as couples compete head to head to be the HOT for Marriage Champions.

*NEW* for 2018 - Additional challenges never before introduced for the HOT challenge!


What happens at Commitment Weekend?
- Meet other fire couples from across the country who share your #commitment to marriage.

- Participate in activities designed to build and strengthen your relationship in fun and creative ways.

- Hear from our marriage panel and follow up with Q&A.

- Take time for a date night with the Commitment Ball. Dress up and enjoy your night out!

- Get hands on and gear up!  You can even compete against other couples if that's your thing.
View Previous Commitment Weekend Photos

Great Giveaways!

Amazing Partner Products!

What will you win?

What is included in our Registration?
You won't find a more reasonably priced event.  (Because we want you to be here more than anything!)
Great Swag including QALO rings Honor & Commitment Books
All speakers and activities
Friday Dinner
Saturday Lunch
Saturday Dinner
Sunday Lunch
(all the food.... because we build relationships when we break bread together!)
Raffle Prizes
Access to our private attendees community
Access to our Marriage On Fire Training
CW18 has reached max capacity!
180 people are going to make a marriage milestone.   Just in case we have a few extra openings, or have an ability to change venues to increase our numbers, please sign up for a waitlist to be notified.
Did we mention the SWAG?
Each year businesses who believe in our cause step up to donate wonderful gifts to all the attendees.

Year after year, QALO has given every couple their own QALO rings.

  What will be in the swag bag this year?
(If you know someone who would donate email
Take a look at some of our past Commitment Weekends
See Commitment Weekend, in action, for yourself with scenes from our past Commitment Weekends as we ramp up for 2018!  
Big thanks to Shawn Sebo for capturing so much of the "Fire Wife Touch-a-Truck" event at the 2014 Commitment Weekend (formerly called FlameFest)  Here's just some of the highlight reel!

Columbus Fire Department Union Hall - Station 67.

Our Commitment Ballroom!


"Because we went to Commitment Weekend, we finally have other fire couples who have the same values, morals and marriage goals that we do. And it wouldn't have happened without this group!!! We totally found our tribe!"

~Brittani C.

"A single video could never explain the vastness of how incredible this organization is. It saved my marriage - hands down, no questions asked. I wish my public service family had something like it when I was growing up."

-Shai B.

Firefighters Enjoy Commitment Weekend, too! 

"A few years ago I humored my wife, like many do, and agreed halfheartedly to go to Commitment Weekend with her.  I found, as well as I believe everyone there found, a new “family.”  You know there is a bond within the brotherhood.   But this group is more."

-Shawn S.

Read Full Story HERE.
CW18 has reached max capacity!
180 people are going to make a marriage milestone.   Just in case we have a few extra openings, or have an ability to change venues to increase our numbers, please sign up for a waitlist to be notified.
We're sorry - we've reached our limit for this event!

What is the event cancellation and refund policy?
Deposits and event registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
In the event we do not meet minimum numbers by December 31st, 2017 and the event is cancelled, event deposits/registration fees will be refunded by January 7th, 2018. 

Once we are confirmed with 40 couples, there are no refunds or transfers of registrations at any time.

Please note we cannot refund Premium+ and Giving Member Donations as they are tax deductible donations, with benefits received and not refundable.
What airport should we fly into?
 John Glenn Columbus International Airport is a great choice and is only 15 minutes from Downtown Columbus.  
What hotels are near by?
If you are traveling and will require lodging, there are many great choices in the area!  Once we have confirmed 40 couples registered, we will begin negotiating room blocks in the Easton Area. 
What is the recommended attire?
Casual for much of the weekend.  The Commitment Ball is a wonderful date night event, break out those gorgeous gowns and Class As!  No worries - formal wear isn't required, wear what you feel your best in.  Don't Forget: Bring tennis shoes, athletic wear or comfortable clothing for the HOT for Marriage hands on activities.  
We strive to suit your dietary needs during Commitment Weekend.  Have allergies, vegan or just prefer to be gluten free?  You'll have the chance to let us know exactly what your needs are so that we can plan to accommodate your needs. 
Free Time
We have a loose agenda for the weekend.  You are free to choose what to participate in.  We encourage everyone to attend all events on the agenda, because it's all filled with great fun, fellowship and marriage building resources. 
We have never attended and are nervous...
You'll only be nervous for the first few moments before you realize you're in a room full of people who get your life.  Attendees in the past have made lifelong friendships during our commitment weekends that span the nation.  Everyone was a first time attendee at some point. After Registration you will gain access to a Facebook Group for attendees to meet and mingle virtually before the event.
We have attended previous Commitment Weekends, how will this one be different?
No Commitment Weekend is ever exactly the same.  We bring new speakers, activities, elements and chances to meet new fire couples who share your commitment to marriage.  Plus our HOT for Marriage brings some new challenges this year... we're excited already!