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Create Your Own Hot Marriage Commitment Weekend!
Introducing the Do-It-Yourself Commitment Weekend Date Box
How Do-It-Yourself Commitment Weekend Works:


We send your Date Box package with details to plan a fun 24-48 hours. 


Powerful and fun Video Sessions with Guest Experts from the Fire Community including topics on:  Intimacy, PTSD, Communication and fun couples work-outs, massage and chef-led cooking night in!


Pick and choose what works for YOU, including how to do the "Hands On Training" for fire life with your spouse.


In 2020, we were unable to have our super popular in person Commitment Weekend that has served over 500 fire couples.

However, in July we had the most amazing LIVE Online Experience! 

It's too good to keep to one time a year.  So we pulled our resources to make this available to any fire couple to recreate Commitment Weekend on their own with our Video Sessions and a special Date Box package!

You can do this at home or safely from a hotel room or Air BnB of your choice. (*but please.... find a sitter for the kids because this is about the two of you and a HOT steamy re-connection!)


Did you know......  Commitment Weekends are operated by 24-7 COMMITMENT, a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Nearly all of our funding goes into Commitment Weekend and to pivot and pull off a live virtual event was TOUGH! 

Then to invest in the video processing and online access like this.... not easy.  But this is too important to not make happen. 

Fire Marriages need an extra boost more than ever.  Every purchase helps us cover the cost of producing this program and keeps it operational for more fire couples.

Please consider supporting this non-profit and important mission for fire families with your purchase (or by gifting one to a fire couple you know).

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How do you do Commitment Weekend on your own exactly?

It is literally Commitment Weekend that you get to experience together as a couple with our programs delivered to your door *and* watched online.  This includes pre-recorded Videos, Sessions and Activities...for you to do together, just like at Commitment Weekend.

Our goal is still for you and your significant other to connect, learn and grow with live online speakers, sessions and meaningful, playful and intimate private activities we designed to do at home (or an Air Bnb/Hotel if you can travel safely) for just the two of you.

ALL of the re-connection spark for your fire marriage, but from the privacy of your home (yes.... let your mind wander "there" ;) )

What Does a DIY Commitment Weekend
Package Include?

Your couple's package includes:

  1. Online Access to your DIY Commitment Weekend Content with videos, downloads and activity guides in a password protected area.
  2. Printable downloads to make your event the best experience ever.
  3. A "Romantic Adventure" Date Box filled with fun couple's items for your event and swag mailed directly to you that includes
    • TWO Amazing books: Travis Howze's newest "Create Your Own Light" and 24-7 Commitment's Best Seller:  "Honor and Commitment." 
    • Firefighter Love Potion Massage Oil. (For your massage session!).
    • Do not disturb door hangers
    • The Intimacy Card Deck for Firefighters and their Spouse by (NEW and Exclusively for Commitment Weekend attendees!)
    • The Fire Life Decal pack - our 4 most popular decals for him and her!
    • Free 7 days of Sex Challenge Book Download from One Extraordinary Marriage.
    • CWO Exclusive Recipe cards for your Date Night Dinner
    • More decals, inserts, special offers and discounts from 24-7 Commitment, our sponsors and partners.
  4. Video Sessions from speakers: Frank Viscuso, Reboot Recovery, ONE Extraordinary Marriage and Leslie Vernick.
  5. Bonus Freebies from our Marriage Partners.
  6. Bonus Content to tuck away into your Marriage Toolbox for later.
  7. Video: "How To" Massage your Spouse
  8. Video: HOT Session Instructions for your own DIY Style
  9. Video: Re-Commitment Ceremony 
  10. Date Night Plans and Ideas for all of your couple's free time.

Video Sessions Include...

Travis Howze

Sessions hosted U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, former Police Officer and Firefighter, international touring Comedian and Motivational Speaker. Learn more at

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Frank Viscuso
Writer, entrepreneur, fire chief, husband, father and highly sought after speaker. Frank is the author of 5 books including the bestseller, Step Up and Lead. Learn more at
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Reboot Recovery
Why is it that the first to respond to a crisis are often the last to seek help for their own struggles? Reboot Recover gets it.  Learn more at
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Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Tony & Alisa believe that a healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage… it’s the glue that will keep a marriage together.  Learn more at

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Leslie Vernick
Leslie  is a popular speaker, author, and licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach.  Her book "The Emotionally Destructive Relationship", enables people to identify the root issues of dysfunction and stop destructive patterns in any relationship. Learn more at
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Commitment Weekend Online, created by Lori Mercer
After hosting 9 Commitment Weekend in person events reaching over 500 fire couples, Lori Mercer, founder of has designed a successful experience to reconnect couples and build a community for fire families.
As the owner of an Online Business Consultancy, Lori helps businesses take their brands and programs online every day.  It's only natural that we would do the same for Commitment Weekend 2020.  If you've ever attended a CW, you know that every detail matters.  You can expect the same with Commitment Weekend Online, created by an expert in the Online Business industry.

Now you can do Commitment Weekend at your own time and pace with our DIY Commitment Weekend Package.

"THANK YOU for such a wonderful weekend! This experience has truly put my husband and I in a whole new place in our relationship.

We didn’t realize how much writing a simple letter really means. Our date night felt like our first date....butterflies and all! We now have tools to help us along the way.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Dominic  & Angelica - New Mexico
Commitment Weekend Online

Why should firefighters and their spouses create their own Commitment Weekend?

Firefighters train hard, and train often.  Preparing for any situation, danger or possibility that they may face in the line of duty.

So why not train just as hard for your marriage? Regardless of if you're the firefighter, or the fire spouse, training for your marriage is your duty. Are you being intentional with training with your life partner?

Being committed isn't enough, you have to be ALL IN.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to learning, growing and nurturing your relationship with your significant other.  Great marriages don't just happen, they take two people who are intentional with their time, efforts and words. Consider our Commitment Weekend DIY Date Box a continuing education/training for your marriage.  

Firefighters often train for situations that may never happen, but could.  Being prepared is a critical part of the fire life. With Commitment Weekend {Do It Yourself} we not only provide you with great material to improve your relationship NOW, but we also give you tools and resources to stow away in your marriage toolbox... in case you ever need them.

Suggested Weekend Time Line

We encourage you to block out your schedule to spend this weekend together as a couple.  (No kids either!)  There will be activities you can do on your own as well as times to get online and listen to a live speaker or participate in an event.

We do not want you to be in front of a computer all weekend.  (Or days of your choice, it does not have to be a weekend... just 48 hours of uninterrupted couples time!) 

We DO want you to connect with each other, be inspired by a few live sessions and the interactive exercises we are sending your way.

(And there will be a small list of things we suggest you gather to make your DIY Commitment Weekend an amazing experience)

Oh..... and if you can do it away somewhere together.... awesome!  If not, transform your home into a no-work-zone and romantic gathering place for 48 hours.

Pre-Event "Activities"

You'll have access to your event materials almost immediately.  The anticipation is almost as fun as the event itself.  (Anyone try the 7 days of sex challenge?? Ok, well there's more too.)  While you're waiting to DIY your perfect Commitment Weekend dates you should...

  • Print/view your DIY materials online.
  • Clear your schedule for the event.
  • Secure a sitter if you have children if at all possible.
  • Get any chores and errands done before your event.
  • Make any reservations (if you're going away, ordering in or dining out).
  • Purchase any special items you may want to enhance your CWO experience (We will include a list. We will intentionally try to make you blush a little. All that alone know!)

Day 1 Suggested Sessions and Videos

  • COUPLES WORK OUT - start your day with exercise
    • Recorded fun couples workout by a firefighter specific fitness trainer will be released at this time for you to do together at a time that works for you :)

    • Recorded Speaker Session: Hear from Bryan Flannery on topics of PTSD and overcoming trauma.

    • Recorded speaking session from the author of "Step Up & Lead"
    • Be inspired by Frank's leadership style and relationship advice for fire families


  • "How To:  H.O.T. for Marriage at Home"
    • Recorded "HOW TO" Wrap up your afternoon with a fun instructional Q&A on how you can create your own connecting couples experience doing the fire themed skills together at home.

  • DOWNTIME for you as a couple! 
    • Rest, recreate, talk, connect and get yourself dressed up for a fun date night at home!
    • Chef Led Date Night Dinner at Home Session
      • Get those recipe cards we'll give you ready and follow along with the  recorded session where you will cook dinner at home.  Led by a Firefighter Chief and his wife (also restaurant owners and a hilarious couple who will make laugh!)

Day 2 Suggested Sessions and Videos

  • Do your DIY HOT for Marriage Session
    • This is your shot to use your "How To" knowledge, or put a little of your own in action.  It's your choice which activities you take on together as a couple but we will have challenges for you and encourage you to take pictures and videos and share them with the group!

    • Recorded Session on "Emotionally Healthy Marriages"
      • Don't let the title scare you.  This session is amazingly eye opening and comes with a couple's handout worksheet.

  • "How To: Massage Your Spouse"
    • This will be recorded for you to watch alone and enjoy together (who wants to be on camera doing a massage??)  We HIGHLY suggest you don't skip this and take this time to reconnect and enjoy each other!

    • Get your massage on since you just watched your "How To" session!  Or um... if you can't keep your hands off each other at this point... bake cookies! ;)
    • Do what you love to do together (Plan a date night, hit the outdoors grab some dinner!) 
    • Later this evening, we suggest some HOT date night attire.... as fancy as you want! Then be ready to join us for the final session of Recommitment Ceremonies and more great prizes and wise words for Fire Couples. Again - we love photos!

    • In your Commitment Weekend Workbook (Digital Download) will be instructions on how to craft your own "Recommitment Ceremony" words.  We provide some suggestions but it's ALWAYS best when you write your own (every single person who has done this at our live events has completely made their spouse MELT!  Speak from your heart!)
    • Use this time to re-commit to your spouse, your marriage and continuing to strengthen and grow, together. 

Day 3 

"Extra" bonus day if you're able!!!  Do what YOU want for fun as a couple.

You can pick and chose and design how you want things to flow.  We will be sharing and encouraging lots of ways for you to design your weekend.   


This DIY Commitment Weekend Package includes the entire event access and materials for you and your spouse to Do Commitment Weekend, on your own!  PLUS some amazing SWAG inside your date box!  It includes all lessons, video sessions and content, topped off with the physical date box package mailed directly to you!

Create your own Romantic Adventure!



(includes your  Commitment Weekend DIY content and instructions + your date box with nearly $100 worth of items, gifts and coupons!)

FAQs - Got a question you don't see?  Email us!

Are all video sessions, sessions and activity instructions pre-recorded?

Yes!  You get immediate access to the entire event content.  We do give you a suggested timeline to help you flow into the event together, just as you would in person.  This helps you watch all the right things at the right time, getting you ready for the next sessions in your event.  But really, any time focused on your marriage is good, so if you can't follow our suggested timeline... create your own!

Speakers, sessions and activity instructions are all pre-recorded and viewable at your leisure. 

What comes in the DIY Commitment Weekend Date Box?

  • TWO Amazing books: Travis Howze's newest "Create Your Own Light" and 24-7 Commitment's Best Seller:  "Honor and Commitment." 
  • Firefighter Love Potion Massage Oil. (For your massage session!).
  • Do not disturb door hangers
  • The Intimacy Card Deck for Firefighters and their Spouse by (NEW and Exclusively for Commitment Weekend attendees!)
  • The Fire Life Decal pack - our 4 most popular decals for him and her!
  • Free 7 days of Sex Challenge Book Download from One Extraordinary Marriage.
  • CWO Exclusive Recipe cards for your Date Night Dinner
  • More decals, inserts, special offers and discounts from 24-7 Commitment, our sponsors and partners.
  • Plus even more bonus goody downloads on your CWO Member's Page!TWO Amazing books: Travis Howze's newest "Create Your Own Light" and 24-7 Commitment's Best Seller:  "Honor and Commitment."
    Firefighter Love Potion Massage Oil. (For your massage session!).
    A candle making kit to create your own "Commitment Candle".
    Do not disturb door hangers
    The Intimacy Card Deck for Firefighters and their Spouse by (NEW and Exclusively for Commitment Weekend attendees!)
    The Fire Life Decal pack - our 4 most popular decals for him and her!
    Free 7 days of Sex Challenge Book Download from One Extraordinary Marriage.
    CWO Exclusive Recipe cards for your Date Night Dinner
    More decals, inserts, special offers and discounts from 24-7 Commitment, our sponsors and partners.
    Plus even more bonus goody downloads on your CWO Member's Page!

Do we have to be available for an entire weekend?

Nope (but we do recommend it).  If you need to work around a shift day, stretch it out over a week, it’s possible.  Do what you have to do to make it work for you. The best way is to block out 48 hours of couple's time if possible.

Do I need a hot date night clothes?
Definitely.  Even if you’re staying at home we encourage sexy date night clothes and a hot dress!  Enticing each other should not have limitations just because you are home together.  Spice it up!
What's the agenda? How does this flow?

As you need it to.  We give you a suggested order of events, but this is DIY... make it work the best way you can but we do ask that you both give it your all!

All video sessions are pre-recorded.  We'll give you an outline of our suggested Agenda Timeline, but you may have obstacles to work around.  Do it how you can, but we highly suggest that you take an intentional 48 hours to spend together.

Should we get a sitter?

Yes.  If at all possible, taking time for just the two of you is highly recommended. Uninterrupted, non-parenting, distraction free couples time is the goal here!  And…. we will talk about s-e-x which will not be appropriate for little ears.

If you cannot get childcare, you can still make this event work to the best of your ability.

How does this really work?  Are we just watching zoom meetings the whole time?

HECK NO!  Even at our in person Commitment Weekends we schedule no more than 4 - 6 hours of speaker time over a 3 day period.   This is about connecting together as a couple and meeting other fire couples you can relate to.   All of this happens by doing various fun date / fire themed activities together.  Commitment Weekend Online is similar.

You receive a date box package of swag and activities.  We will share with you all of our Video sessions with speakers, guiding you through fun activities like couples workouts, couple's massage, date night, recommitment ceremonies and cooking lessons, oh, and our infamous H.O.T. for Marriage drills.  There will also be free space for you to do what you like.  Pick an activity from our box or choose your own.

How do these “interactive activities” like date night cooking, couples workout, massage actually work?

You will receive more detailed prep instructions for your entire "weekend" beforehand in a printable checklist!  You'll also have password access to your DIY Commitment Weekend Home Page where you can find out all the details for each part of your weekend!

Prep for your activity and follow along with your video session - DIY!

How does HOT for marriage work?  Do I need all that equipment? 

H.O.T. for Marriage is perhaps the most fun activity of all of Commitment Weekend when each firefighter helps his spouse get into fire gear and run a fire themed obstacle / skills course designed by our team.   Clearly you all won’t have drywall breaching or forcible entry simulators at home (bonus points if you make this happen, we saw this in our LIVE event July 24-26th!).

However, even just trying on some gear and trying a couple tools is going to be impactful as a couple.

Creativity is not limited here.  We will have a session to coach you through ideas for making your own at home H.O.T. (and yes if you want to build a drywall breach simulator, or forcible entry your own back door….. go for it!)   Just be thinking what kinds of things you could (legally) borrow from your department for the weekend.  Air Pack, hose pack, halligan tool, etc.  And be thinking what’s around.

And be prepared to photo and video this session - we love seeing fire wives in action!

Can we just do the HOT for Marriage Session at our firehouse?
With the right permission, yes.  Could be super fun.  But guys….. just remember this is about connecting as a couple and not getting all eaten up by your firefighting training.  (We LOVE that you love to train but it might be a sore spot with your spouse m’kay?  Cause it kinda takes time.  She may be nervous about trying drills.  The goal is for you to CONNECT.  To listen to each other’s needs, get a little out of both of your comfort zones and to NOT end up in a tiff over something silly right?)
Can we do this as a group of couples with other Fire Friends?
Yes!  Great idea if you can do so safely  (in socially distanced safe small groups).   However each couple needs to individually order their own DIY Commitment Weekend Date Box.  If you do participate as a group, let us know by emailing us at, we would love to see photos and videos of your experience!
What technology do we need?

A bigger device is better than a phone.  A laptop, iPad or even connect to your TV and get comfy on the couch watching.    Oh…. and Facebook if you're on social.  We know not everyone is on it but it is a great way to interact in a group and connect with other people who have experienced, or are experiencing their own Commitment Weekend Online!

You will also have a login for your Commitment Weekend content!  Those details will be sent to you at registration.  You can share a login to access if needed.

What is 24/7 Commitment and why is there a fee to attend any format of Commitment Weekend?

24-7 Commitment is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit with the mission to honor, support and encourage fire service marriages and families. You can learn more at  The majority of our funding comes from individual donors.   Sigh... We wish we had a big helpful generous sponsor to let us provide this all to you for free but alas.... not yet - if you know one, send them our way!).

So we try to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality for our attendees.   And..... this is the LOWEST PRICED CW EVER since we don't have crazy expensive venue fees.   We are hoping this really entices a lot of couples to jump in and try it.

What is the refund policy?

We are unable to offer refunds.  You'll have immediate access to all event materials, pre-recorded sessions and downloads.  You can create your "weekend" at any time.  You can use this content to create multiple couple's "weekends" if you choose to replay your content multiple times.

If you have any issues after purchase, please email us for help at and we'll be glad to help you get sorted out.

How do I contact someone?

Send us an email!

Email us to today and we'll get back with you as soon as we can.

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