We Invite YOU to Partner With Us for the
FIRST EVER Commitment Weekend Online
July 24-25, 2020

Commitment Weekend is the most costly but also most rewarding and impactful event we host each year.

And it’s only possible with a few key financial partners and supporters to help us make it happen.

This year, due to Covid-19,  we had to cancel our in person event, losing out on big deposits.  We need support to continue serving our communities. First Responders have been out there on the front line since day 0, vacation time has now been suspended for many of our firefighters across the nation and these very essential workers deserve more than a cancelled event.  So we pivot into an online setting to continue serving, and hopefully we'll be able to serve many more couples with this year's change.

We are not abandoning in person events at all, but for the safety of ourselves and our attendees, we knew Online was the best move to show our #COMMITMENT to our Mission to Honor, Serve and Strengthen Fire Service marriages and families.

Will you be committed to helping serve along side us in this unprecedented time?

Here's how you can get involved:
Our biggest needs are:
  • Financial Sponsors
  • Product donations for Swag Bags
  • Product donations for Giveaways
  • Other ways to contribute:  Sponsor a couple to attend, make a general donation, share this event with fire couples around you.

We don't just accept anyone as a sponsor.  We truly want to partner with the right people and organizations whose mission and message aligns with our values.  And for whom we can also grow your businesses.

Sponsors get visibility in the following ways:

• Exposure to our highly engaged audience – Our 24-7 COMMITMENT community are some of the most progressive and well connected firefighters and officers in the country. 

Your brand and message shared to our email list of 20,000+ subscribers – We will email market your service or product.

Media Exposure – Be featured on 24/7 Commitment website and social media sites.

Brand Awareness & Recognition – Logo placement in variety of places online to increase brand awareness.


Your Sponsorship and Donations are tax deductible.  24/7 Commitment is a  501 (c)(3) non-profit.  You or your company will receive a letter of donation, and our sincere gratitude for helping us serve our mission.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We love when departments are on board with supporting their firefighter's marriages and families.

When you sponsor your crews to attend CWO you can:

  • Support the marriages of your firefighters
  • Host the H.O.T Session live  (Hands on Training)
  • Host a local speaker 

Financial donations are the best way to support Commitment Weekend.

When you sponsor CWO you or your company will receive social media shout outs, pamphlet placement in our swag bags, logo on our website, a featured article/email on your product or service and recognition in our post-event photo album.

We are also seeking product donations for swag bags and give-aways. Information below.


We hear you fam!  Our non profit survives mainly on individual donors.

We do accept individual CWO Sponsorships.  You can make a monetary donation, or sponsor a fire couple (or more) to attend CWO. 

Email us today for more information at contact@firefighterwife.com.

Are you interested in donating items for the event Swag Bags or a Give-a-way instead?

For this online event we will be mailing registered couples a Swag Bag package and we're seeking donations of physical and digital products that will serve our audience and community well.  This is a great opportunity to share your product and services with our community.

Ways you can donate products:

Swag Bags

When you choose to donate swag bag items, you or your company will receive two social media shout outs, any business cards/pamphlets you want to include in bags, your logo on our website and your product/info featured in our post-event photo album.


When you choose to donate an item for our event give-a-ways, you or your company will receive one social media shout out after the event, and your product/info featured in our post-event photo album. 

We can't wait to partner with you or your company for Commitment Weekend Online!

Monetary Donations or Checks can be mailed to:
24/7 Commitment
PO Box 376
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

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